Services - Power Engineering

Power Engineering

PT Anglo Euro Energi Indonesia (AEEI) has forged close relationships and strategic alliances with major power plant equipment manufacturers, power system integrators, solution and service providers with proven performance record and indepth project experience.

AEEI is a power project developer and arranger for project financing to meet project commitments.

AEEI in preparing to undertake substantial energy related projects internationally has executed a MOU with Xi’an Shaangu Power Ltd, a leading Systematic Solution & Service Provider of Power Equipment with focus on design and manufacturing of turbo-machinery globally. Shaangu has recently acquired majority stakes in Ekol spol s.r.o., an East European Turbine manufacturer and EPC contractor.

Ekol Steam Turbines

Power output ranging from 1 to 70 MW, with speed of 3,000 to 20,000 min-1. The turbines are of condensing, backpressure and steam-extraction type. EKOL offers the manufacture, overhaul, revisions, upgrading and commissioning of the turbines in line with customer specific requirements.

Gas Turbines

Power output of up to 80 MW, designed and delivered to be operated in single and combined cycle; over-haul, revisions, upgrading, reconstructions to meet the environmental requirements.

Gas turbines purchased from renowned manufacturers are packaged in-house with all the necessary accessories, mounted on a frame, equipped with a sound protection sheet and delivered to the client. EKOL, furnishes the gas turbine design documents, provides for the completion, assembly and on-site commissioning including deliveries of spare parts.

Gas Compressors

Our partner, Shaangu has supplied 249 sets of centrifugal compressors to the petroleum, natural gas and chemicals industries. Shaangu further supplied 3 sets of gas turbine driven pipeline compressor to CNOOC for Huangyan Project.

AEEI cooperation and joint venture with international partners allow us to provide safe, reliable and state-of-art turbines, pipeline compressor, LNG compressor train and pressure vessels for gas distribution projects, natural gas booster for power generation, and industrial gas systems integrated solutions and services.

Power Engineering Package

AEEI and its partners are able to provide power system design, to offer comprehensive services in power engineering such as turnkey power units for the generation of heat and power (CHP) with electrical output of up to 150MW.

Utilizing EKOL/SHAANGU product lines with in-house integrated technology and engineering solutions, AEEI are capable to provide EPC services and

participate in BOT, BOO and Turnkey energy projects.

Services include design of turbines, turbomachinery, auxiliary systems, equipment manufacturing, instrumentation and mechanical system, power distribution system, power engineering, construction, commissioning and startup.

Repair & Overhaul

With support from OEM we can undertake services for turbo machinery, installation, commissioning, overhaul and maintenance of turbo machinery trains, upgrading and revamping of turbo machinery.

Other services include hydraulic control system, automation control system, H/L voltage lubricant system and power distribution system.

Life cycle service includes repair, maintenance, revamp, upgrade, installation, technical assistance and spare parts for rotating machines manufactured by Shaangu.

Machine Diagnostics

Diagnostics of rotating machines, measurement and analysis of vibrations, assessment of the state of devices, proposals for solution of the problems identified, operational balancing.

Services include vibration measurements for industrial machinery, vibration diagnostics, in-situ balancing and alignment of machine couplings.

Products & Services

Shaangu is a leading OEM in steam turbines, gas compressors, blowers, other power engineering equipment and services, with various applications across industries:

Power Plants

Shaangu offers various axial and centrifugal turbines for power generation engineering processes.

Sinter waste heat & blast furnace for top gas recovery cogeneration turbine.

Natural Gas

Shaangu manufacturers centrifugal compressor for the petroleum, LNG, chemical and mid-stream industires globally. Gas turbine driven pipeline compressors are supplied to CNOOC and other major oil companies.

Shaangu manufactures and engineer safe, reliable state-of-art pipeline compressor and pressure vessels for gas distribution, LNG compressor train for LNG pipeline projects, booster train for natural gas power generation and HRSG (exhaust-heat boiler) for distributed energy resource (DER).

Shaangu is also engaged in EPC, industrial gas system solutions and product life-cycle services.


Shaangu offers compressor, stand-by compressor, booster and rich gas compressor train for CCU application; rich gas compressor for delayed coking plant; recycle hydrogen compressor for hydrogenation plant; air, raw gas, synthetic gas, ammonia refrigerating compressor for synthesis ammonia plant; CO2 compressor for urea plant; compressor for LNG and natural gas transportation plant; synthetic gas compressor, CO2 compressor for methanol plant; compressor for sulfuric acid plant; blower and compressor for PA and MA; gas, cold gas and recycle gas compressor train for MEL plant; blower and compressor for sulfuric acid plant; compressor for PTA plant and supply integration of the above systems.


Shaangu offers all kinds of turbine systems for blast furnace, coke oven, converter, sinter plant, dust removal, as well as Blast Furnace Top Pressure Recovery Turbine (TRT) CCPP and waste heat power generation system. Shaangu also supply integration of the above systems.

Environment Protection & Sewage Treatment

Shaangu is engaging in energy saving and environmental protection. Life cycle and high quality services include sewage treatment and resource regeneration, project consultation, technical R&D, engineering design, operation and management.

Air Separation

Shaangu offers air axial, centrifugal compressor and blowers, to process air, N2, O2 and other industrial gases for air separation plants. Industries include petrochemical, coal-chemical, steel and fertilizer plants. Shaangu also supplies integration of the above systems.

Environment Protection & Sustainability

PT Anglo Euro Energi Indonesia is a provider of power equipment of high efficiency and is a systems integrator with the objectives of resource efficiency and sustainability.

Together with our partners we are capable to provide environment compatible turbo-machinery and integrated solutions in the design of power systems, power energy services based on energy performance contracting to suit specific customer needs.

Constantly striving to reduce the environment impact of product and project life cycles, AEEI promotes a corporate culture amongst staff and customers alike with strong emphasis on integrity and environment preservation for future generations.