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Coal Operations & Trading

Anglo Euro Developers through its subsidiary PT Anglo Euro Energy Indonesia, AED has joint mining operations in East and South Kalimantan.

PT Anglo Euro Energy Indonesia (PT AEEI) is licensed by Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources of Indonesia to produce, operate, transport and sales of thermal coal throughout Indonesia (License No 878 K/30/D]B/2014). In addition PT AEEI is approved and licensed by Regional Government of East Kalimantan for Mines and Energy for mining operations in the State (License No: 541.23/434/PU-Distamb/2014).

We offer various grades of steam coal from GAR 3800 to GAR 6500 for export and for local consumption from consortium of miners throughout Kalimantan Indonesia to meet each customer’s requirements.

PT Anglo Euro Energy Indonesia is presently participating to supply electricity to PLN (Indonesia Power Authority) as Independent Power Producer utilizing its coalmines as main supply sources.